Life Insurance Claims

If you have been denied a valid life insurance claim, or the payment of your claim has been delayed in bad faith, you are not without recourse. Willeford & Toledano provides clients with diligent representation in disputes with insurance companies. Our attorneys understand the emotional and financial hardships associated with a denied or delayed claim, and will vigorously represent you in negotiating with or filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

Contact our New Orleans life insurance lawyers online today to schedule your free initial consultation if your claim was denied. You may also call our firm directly at 504-322-1488, toll free at 877-281-4789, to discuss your situation.

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Representation in Louisiana for Denied Claims

Life Insurance companies may deny claims based on "material representations" made in the insured's policy application. However, often what an insurance company may characterize as a "material representation" is debatable. Likewise, insurance companies may delay payments of claims without having a valid reason for the delay. Generally, some common bad faith practices to be aware of are:

  • Delaying payments without a valid reason for the delay
  • Denying payments without a valid reason for the denial
  • Retroactively canceling a policy without a valid reason for the cancellation
  • Terminating life insurance coverage due to denying waiver of premium continuation coverage

Whatever the specific nature of your dispute, an attorney at Willeford & Toledano can help you obtain relief. We are experienced in negotiating and litigating denials and delays of life insurance benefits, and our attorneys are often successful in obtaining favorable results for their clients.

Louisiana law allows courts to assess a penalty of double the amount of insurance benefits if the insurance company fails to pay a claim after receiving proof of loss. La. RS 22: 1973. Our attorneys will aggressively pursue penalty claims on behalf of our clients.

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There is no cost to have your claim evaluated. We accept life insurance denial cases on a contingency fee or hourly basis.

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