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Our New Orleans, Louisiana, securities law practice provides diligent representation for investors who have suffered financial losses due to stockbroker fraud and misconduct. We represent the rights of U.S. investors as well as international investors who are protected under U.S. law.

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Securities Law Representation in Louisiana

We have recovered millions of dollars in losses for clients throughout the United States and from around the world. We accept select investor claims on a contingency fee basis. There is no fee for the initial consultation and preliminary investment account review.

For more information about our securities law practice, choose from the following:

  • Arbitration advocacy: Our exceptional advocacy through independent financial reviews. We will evaluate your accounts to determine the merit of your case.
  • Securities arbitration: Our legal team has experience recovering investment losses from stockbrokers and brokerage houses through direct negotiation and mediation and — when necessary — arbitration and litigation.
  • Unsuitable stocks or mutual funds: One of the most common types of stockbroker misconduct is investing client funds in unsuitable stocks or mutual funds.
  • Engaging in undue buying and selling of stocks or mutual funds: Undue buying and selling of securities to generate fees is known as churning.
  • Securities investigations: Our lawyers closely follow SEC investigations and other regulatory actions so we can advise investors about their legal options.
  • Stockbroker fraud and misrepresentation: Our lawyers represent investors in claims of stockbroker negligence and violations of securities laws.
  • Investment adviser fraud: Like stockbrokers, investment advisers have a duty to serve their clients' financial interests rather than their own.
  • Retirement plan fraud: Many retirement plans are little more than tools to sell securities. We represent investors in fraud claims.
  • 401(k) and IRA plan disputes: If you have substantial losses in your IRA or 401(k) plan, you may be a victim of stockbroker fraud.
  • The arbitration process: Securities disputes in the United States are typically resolved by the Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) through an arbitration process.
  • Annuities claims: When an insurance agent places you in an inappropriate annuity contract, you have the right to pursue securities arbitration to obtain damages for lost investments.

Managing attorney James F. Willeford has nearly 40 years of experience resolving complicated legal matters involving securities fraud. He is an experienced FINRA arbitrator and investor advocate.

Securities Investment Attorneys Serving Louisiana

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