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Call an experienced disability benefits lawyer at 504-322-1488 to schedule your consultation.

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ERISA Disability Claims Assistance For Executives

At Toledano Disability Law, our attorneys have decades of experience with Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) law. This federal law governs employer-provided insurance claims for health, dental, disability and other benefits. Has your disability claim been denied? Our attorneys devote significant time, talent and resources to advising clients about their executive benefits. Our firm is one of a select group of firms in the region that handles complicated disability claim cases.

Additionally, our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex employment contract issues and in-depth knowledge of the contractual perks and benefits afforded executive-level employees.

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Hidden Benefits: Advising Executives On Their Extensive Benefits

Our extensive, comprehensive ERISA disability claims guidance extends to ensuring that executives pursue all benefits provided in their employment contracts. Unfortunately, many disabled clients are not aware of their benefits. Our advice goes beyond basic income. Our experience includes continuing:

  • Retirement program participation
  • Automatic payments to their retirement portfolio
  • Medical and dental insurance coverage
  • Stock bonus program participation

It is imperative that you consult with an experienced long-term disability attorney to ensure that you receive all your contractual benefits.

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