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Call an experienced disability benefits lawyer at 504-322-1488 to schedule your consultation.

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Seeking A Second Medical Opinion For A Disability Claim

If you are struggling to work and sense that you may have a disability, you will likely go to the doctor to check your health and assess your options. However, your doctor might underestimate your condition. As a result, the information they provide to your insurance company could cause the company to deny your claim for benefits.

Doctors, like any other type of worker in Louisiana, can make mistakes. Our experienced attorneys at Toledano Disability Law know that a major cause of claim denials is a lack of medical evidence. During your case, we can help you work to get the support you need for your claim — and we often encourage our clients to seek a second medical opinion.

Why A Second Medical Opinion Matters

Although medical science itself is not a matter of opinion, opinion can still affect your diagnosis and treatment. Doctors do not always reach the same conclusion for a given patient’s condition. One doctor might tell you that your pain or limitations are minor and will improve with rest whereas another doctor may run special diagnostic tests and find a serious issue.

Getting a new perspective is important for your health in general, but it is especially vital if you need to claim benefits for a disability. You may need to visit another medical professional — perhaps a specialist — who can conduct imaging tests, blood panels or other screening and diagnostics. This doctor may help you get the information you need to get benefits and the right health care.

A good doctor will have your well-being at the forefront of your care. Do not worry that asking for a second medical opinion would offend your doctor. It is often worthwhile to be insistent about the care you receive.

We Make You The Priority In Your Case

You deserve to have complete information about your health, your rights and your case. Our qualified long-term disability lawyers can advocate for you.

We are ready to stand up to large insurance companies and compete against their legal teams for the sake of our clients. Call 504-322-1488 or email our firm in New Orleans to schedule a free initial consultation.