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At Willeford & Toledano, we provide comprehensive securities arbitration representation. We understand the substantial emotional and financial hardships associated with investment losses caused by deceptive practices. We accept select investor claims on a contingency fee basis. There is no fee for the initial consultation and preliminary investment account review.

Our New Orleans annuities claims attorneys possess in-depth insurance law knowledge. We have extensive experience advising investors and retirees throughout the United States about annuities. These insurance company products are basically contracts involving fixed interest rate payments. Some annuities also place a portion of the annuity into the stock market, which can also affect the value of the annuity. When an insurance agent places you in an inappropriate annuity contract, you have the right to pursue securities arbitration to obtain damages for lost investments.

Complex Investment Vehicles

Annuities are similar to individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in that they are a collection of investment funds. They both share the ability for the owner to defer taxes on earnings made from the funds invested within the accounts. However, annuities can be quite complex, creating serious financial setbacks. The most common issue we see with our annuities clients is a lack of communication and understanding between our clients and their brokers. The interest rates, whether fixed or variable, can be complicated.

Our lawyers are directed by James F. Willeford, who has nearly 40 years of experience handling securities arbitration. His in-depth knowledge of variable annuities and complex investment issues enables him to evaluate your unique situation and determine the best course of action. He is dedicated to helping clients pursue damages for investment losses created by misconduct, deceptive practices and other illegal procedures.

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