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Call an experienced disability benefits lawyer at 504-322-1488 to schedule your consultation.

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Waiver Of Premiums Attorneys

At Toledano Disability Law, we help clients resolve their long-term disability and life insurance matters. The terms of long-term care and life insurance policies can be confusing, resulting in significant frustration. Our attorneys are here to answer your questions, review your situation and provide options for achieving your goals.

Representing clients nationwide: You may contact our New Orleans law office online today to schedule your free consultation with our waiver of premium lawyers. If you prefer to call, we can be reached locally at 504-322-1488 or toll free at 877-281-4789.

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What Is A Waiver Of Premium And How Does It Affect Me?

Are individuals required to continue paying their premiums after they become disabled? While the answer depends upon the specific terms in your policy, most life insurance and long-term disability policies have a “waiver of premium” clause:

  • Long-term disability: Your premiums are typically waived during the time you are disabled. We will review your policy to determine if you can cease paying your premiums while you are receiving disability benefits.
  • Life insurance: Most insurance companies will include a waiver of premium in a life insurance policy for an upfront charge. These typically require a person to be disabled for a specified amount of time, after which his or her premiums are waived while still getting coverage.

Denial or delay of premium waivers can have long-lasting consequences. For example, if you believe your waiver clause has been triggered while your insurance company does not, your carrier could argue that your coverage lapsed due to a missed payment. Also, your insurance carrier could dispute whether you meet the definition of disabled, thus delaying the time until your premiums are waived.

Waivers of premiums can involve private or employer-provided insurance coverage. We will discuss your specific situation and determine whether you should file an ERISA claim or if another option is best suited to achieve your goals.

Contact Our Louisiana Long-Term Disability Insurance Dispute Lawyers

Our attorneys work quickly to resolve all matters associated with premium waivers and fight hard to protect our clients’ rights. We believe our clients have a right to expect insurance companies to abide by the terms of their policies.

Please contact our New Orleans law firm online today to schedule your free initial consultation. We are also available to discuss your situation by phone if you call 504-322-1488, toll free at 877-281-4789.